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Kate Would Love to Visit with Your Group!
Kate is delighted to speak to groups of any size, whether virtually or in-person. If your school, library, writing group, book club, or homeschool consortium would like to schedule a visit, do reach out!
Book Group Style Q&As (All Ages – 30 to 60 minutes)
Ideal for classes, book clubs or other groups who have read A Place to Hang the Moon or Nothing Else But Miracles and want to talk about it with the author. Kate will answer your questions about characters, the writing process, and the history behind the stories! 
Stories Are Everywhere (Best for Grades 3 and up – 45 to 60 minutes, including time for Q&A)

The most popular visit option - excellent for audiences who have read Kate's books as well as those who haven't. In this interactive and inspiring visit about finding your own stories, Kate will present ideas that (as far as she knows!) haven’t been turned into books yet, will discuss where other writers have found their stories, and will share the inspiration behind her own books.


Down the Rabbit Hole: Historical Fiction and the Research Process

(Best for Grade 5 and up – 60 minutes, including time for Q&A)

As a former research psychologist, the research rabbit hole is Kate’s favorite place to be. In this workshop, she shares tips and tricks she’s picked up along the way using books, digital resources, historical experts, and primary sources such as newspapers, magazines, memoirs, film, and even your own family history!


Drawing on the Well: A Writing Workshop

(Best for writing groups, middle school to adult – 60 minutes, including time for Q&A)

Having never taken a formal writing class, Kate is a big believer in each of us drawing on the well of books that have inspired us and brought each of us joy. In this workshop, Kate will serve as your writing cheerleader, encouraging you to find what makes you tick as a writer, and to write from a place of joy.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out! Visits can be customized to meet your group’s needs.

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