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A Place to Hang the Moon


Margaret Ferguson Books at Holiday House

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Anna, Edmund and William aren’t terribly upset by the death of their not-so-grandmotherly grandmother. But the children do need a guardian, and in the dark days of second World War London, those are in rather short supply. Could the mass wartime evacuation be the answer? It’s a preposterous plan, but off they go – keeping their predicament a secret – and hoping to be placed in a temporary home that ends up being more… forever-ish. Moving from one billet to another, the children suffer the cruel trickery of foster brothers, the cold realities of outdoor toilets and the hollowness of empty tummies. They seek comfort in the village lending library, whose kind librarian, Nora Muller, seems an excellent candidate except that she has a German husband whose whereabouts are currently unknown. Nevertheless, Nora’s cottage is a place of bedtime stories and fireplaces, of vegetable gardens and hot, milky tea. Most important, it’s a place where someone thinks they all three hung the moon. Which is really all you need in a mum, if you think about it.

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Cover art by Jane Newland

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